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Nowhere else in the world has time left such a great heritage of ancient civilization so intact as the monuments in Luxor. Named by the Greek poet Homer “Thebes of the thousand gates” Luxor was the center of power for almost 1500 years.
Luxor, which means in Arabic “The Palaces” reflects it’s rich array of Magnificent temples and tombs.
On the East Bank of the Nile, in the City of the living, Luxor and Karnak Temples greet the sunrise, the sunset on the West Bank throw shadows through the City of the Dead.
Today you can walk through history; past statues with the heads of gods and animals, beneath pillars carved with lotus buds and papyrus. Ride in a horse-drawn, sail in a felucca, take a sunset cruise or see the city from a hot-air balloon.
Main Attraction :
Temple of Luxor - Karnak Temple - The valley of the Kings and Queens - Abydos - Dendarah   Luxor Museum.
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