special Programs :: Magical Oasis

Day 1: Arrival 
alexandria bibliothequeArrival at Cairo International airport. Meet and assist with formalities. Transfer to your hotel. Accommodation and overnight at the hotel. At your choice 4 or 5 Stars. 

Day 2: Cairo - Wadi El Rayan
Breakfast at your hotel, then departure to Wadi El Rayan protected area, south of Fayoum. Picnic lunch on the lake. Then move to Wadi El Hitan ( Valley of the Whales), which is a natural preserved museum exhibiting marine fossils dating back 45 million years. 
Dinner and camping at Wadi El Hitan

Day 3: Wadi El Hitan - Bahariya oasis 
allamein museumBreakfast in camp, then departure to Bahariya oasis. Lunch during the day. Upon arrival to Bahariya, take a trip to the ruin on a hill “the English house”to watch sunset and enjoy a panoramic view. Dinner and overnight at your hotel in Bahariya. 

Day 4: Bahariya oasis - White desert 
Breakfast at your hotel, departure to discover the oasis of Bahariya. Visit the museum of the ‘Golden Mummies’ exhibiting mummies with golden masques of Roman era. 
Visit Qasr Selim where you will admire the tomb of Bannentui of the 26th dynasty , but in a very good state of conservation. Then visit the temple of Ain El Meftella for the governor of the oasis during the 26th dynasty. Visit the temple of Alexander the Great, being the Macedonian ruler's only known temple in Egypt. The temple was built during Alexander's lifetime and dedicated to Amon and Horus gods. Picnic lunch. Then direction southward to the white desert (160 km). Camp installation, assist sunset on the white desert. Dinner and overnight in camp.

Day 5: White desert - Farafra - Dakhala 
baharayaBreakfast at the white desert, then trek the white desert to discover its dramatic rock formations. This desert that was a sea millions of years ago and remains a unique site in the whole world. Departure to Dakhla Oasis (340 Km) passing through the small oasis of Farafra. Lunch at Dakhla. Then visit the old tombs of “Elmozawakka” dating back to the Greco-Roman era then visit the old town “El Kasr” dating back to the Islamic era. Dinner and overnight at your hotel in Dakhla.

Day 6: Dakhla
Breakfast at your hotel. Departure to Mout,where you will discover the old town and its ethnographic museum and Balat, the medieval village. Lunch during the day.Return to Dakhla.Dinner and overnight at your hotel.

Day 7: Dakhla - Kharga 
Breakfast at your hotel. Departure to Kharga oasis(195 Km). Visit the old town. Lunch at Kharga. Visit the Hibis Temple, then visit the fortress of Qasr El Ghweita. Then discovery of the Coptic necropolis of Bagawat.
Dinner and overnight at your hotel.
baharaya museum
Day 8: Kharga - Luxor 
Breakfast at your hotel. Departure to the « Doush » site, visit then continue to Luxor(355 Km) . Lunch during the day. Arrival at Luxor late afternoon. (You can continue your program with a Nile cruise or return back to Cairo or depart from Luxor).

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