special Programs :: The Pharaonic Oasis

Day 1: Arrival 
Arrival at Cairo International airport. Meet and assist with formalities. Transfer to your hotel. Accommodation and overnight at the hotel. At your choice 4 or 5 Stars. 

Day 2: Cairo - Alexandria 
alexandria bibliothequeEarly breakfast, departure to Alexandria (200km). Half-way stop to visit a Coptic Monastery at Wadi El Natroun. Upon arrival at Alexandria, lunch at a sea food restaurant. Vue of Quait bay fortresses from the exterior. Visit the largest Roman funerary site in Egypt and the most important archaeological site of Alexandria, the Catacombs or Kom El Shoukaffa. Visit the Alexandria Bibliotheca. Then Have a walk through the Royal gardens of the Montazah Palace which was the summer station for the Royal Family. Dinner and overnight at your hotel in Alexandria. 

Day 3: Alexandria - Al Alamein - Marsa Matrouh - Siwa 
allamein museumEarly breakfast at your hotel, then departure in direction to Siwa Oasis. A quick stop along the north coast route to visit the cemetery and Military Museum of El Alamein where the famous battle of World War II was fought. Visit of the Allies cemetery where 7,500 soldiers rest. Visit the Military museum that exhibits original artillery, tanks, mines, flags, photos etc.. of the different armies of WWII. Then continue along the north coast high-way in direction to Marsa Matrouh. Lunch at Marsa Matrouh (Egyptian specialty restaurant). Then continue southward into the western desert (Libyan desert) to Siwa. Accommodation at your hotel in Siwa. Dinner and overnight at your hotel. 

Day 4: Siwa Oasis 
siwa OasisBreakfast at your hotel. Visit Gebel El Mawta( The Mountain of the deads) and its cemetery, where you will discover the Si-Amon tomb whose decoration alternates Egyptian and Greek motifs. Visit the ruins of the Aghourmi fortress, abandoned in 1926. Its vestiges includes the ruins of the only temple of oracles in Egypt, dedicated to Amun, the sun god. There in 331 B.C. Alexander the Great consulted Amun, where his kingship was made divine as the son of Amun. Then visit Cleopatra’s bath, the most important source of Siwa. Lunch at your hotel or in town. Afternoon, visit the ancient siwa village (Shali) with its houses made of Kharshif, a traditional building material made of (water, mud, salt and palm leaves). Then direction to Fetnas Island which has a breath taking vue on a lake, where you will watch the sunset. Dinner and overnight at your hotel. 

Day 5: Siwa - Baharia 
baharayaBreakfast at your hotel, departure in 4 x4 in direction to Baharia Oasis(380 km off road). Half-way stop near a warm water source, picnic lunch. Multiples stops during your route to take photos. Dinner and overnight at your hotel in Baharia. 

Day 6: Baharia - White Desert 
Breakfast at your hotel, departure to discover the oasis of Baharia. Visit the museum of ‘Golden Mummies’ exhibiting mummies with golden masques of Roman era. Visit Qasr Selim where you will admire the tomb of Bannentui of the 26th dynasty , but in a very good state of conservation. Then visit the temple of Ain El Meftella for the governor of the oasis during the 26th dynasty. Visit The temple of Alexander the Great, being the Macedonian ruler's only known temple in Egypt. The temple was built during Alexander's lifetime and dedicated Amon and Horus gods. Picnic lunch. Then direction southward to the white desert (160 km). Camp installation, assist sunset on the white desert. Dinner and overnight in camp. 

Day 7: White desert - Cairo 
baharaya museumBreakfast at the white desert, trekking tour at the white desert to discover the white desert with its dramatic rock formations. This desert that was a sea millions of years ago and remains a unique site in the whole world. Return to Baharia. During the route, stop at the black desert to admire its dunes that circles Baharia oasis with its basalt black collins. Stop at the Crystal mountain sparkling like diamonds. Continue to Cairo. Dinner and overnight at your hotel at Cairo. 

Day 8: Cairo 
After breakfast, departure to visit the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx. Lunch in town. Tour in Khan El Khalili souk with its small alleys. Dinner and overnight at your hotel. 

Day 9: Departure 
After breakfast, transfer to Cairo International Airport. 

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